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Here at Moree Landscaping Supplies we are proud to be Northern New South Wales’ leading landscaping suppliers, offering the following services to private properties, businesses and community developments from Narrabri and Goondiwindi to Lightning Ridge, Mungindi and beyond –

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Every good landscaping project needs a solid base to build upon and Moree Landscaping Supplies has you covered with a huge range of soils to suit any and all applications, including fill, lawn base and top dress mixes through to manure, potting mixes and compost. From hobby farm and professional operations through to you backyard garden patch, the team from Moree Landscaping Supplies can deliver.

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Barks & Mulches

An invaluable landscaping material that offers a plethora of benefits, Moree Landscaping Supplies has a range of bark and mulch products for your next project, whether you are looking to retain moisture in your garden bed, providing proper soil drainage or create a safe play area with our playground soft-fall, we have the product to suit, including sawdust, woodchip, tea tree mulch and more.

Barks & Mulches Lightning Ridge, Tree Felling Northern NSW, Lawn Mowing Narrabri, Landscaping Supplies Inverell, Pebbles Goondiwindi, Soil Suppliers Moree

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Add a touch modern landscaping class to your next project with our range of decorative pebbles that includes white scarla, white limestone and beach pebbles through to desert red pebble Scorim red and more.

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Sand & Gravels

With a huge range of sands and gravels on offer, here at Moree Landscaping Supplies we have the material to suit your applications. From white beach sand and brickies sand and decomposed granite through to blue metal stone, river stones and cement mixes.

Landscaping Supplies Inverell, Barks & Mulches Northern NSW, Soil Suppliers Narrabri, Pebbles Moree, Gardening Supplies Lightning Ridge, Property Maintenance Goondiwindi

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With no job too big or too small, get in touch with the team from Moree Landscaping Supplies for advice, quotes or more information on our tipper and loader services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 0427 740 197 or send us a message via the enquiry form on our contact page.

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